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some of my wacky notes from the conference

some of my wacky notes from the conference

I will give a quick NAMAC roundup from my perspective. NAMAC stnds for National Association of Media Arts and Culture. ( took place August 26-29 in Boston.

Basically it was a combination of largely folks who work at media arts non profits in one capacity or another, with a smaller group of media makers. There were lots of chances to make different contacts, whether it was about funding or marketing, or meeting other media groups. Sadly there were not a lot of (or any) sessions on media arts collectives and how they work but i had a chance to talk with Michael Kuetemeyer and Deb Rudman from the Termite TV collective so that was helpful. assessment. Great place to network, but needs more humor. and wheres the DIY?

It was quite well organized with a great opening party at the MIT museum. Lots to do for folks from out of town. As a townie (of somerville, not boston really) i think NAMAC provided a good sampling of the awesome stuff in and around Boston as far as media.

By far the most useful session to me was a session run by Scott Kirsner, who has written Friends, Fans and Followers. He was very generous and forthcoming with his info, and he gave a great resource site at His talk was called Cultivating Audiences and Generating Revenue in the Digital Age¨ He was good at giving pragmatic advice with up to date info without too much hype.

I also really enjoyed the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion Road Show by filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris.

My only critique of his presentation was that i think i would love to have seen two separate presentations..the community based one of the family photos and then his own films. There was a lot to see and talk about and i think having one or the other would have left room for both presentations. By the way though i’m really excited for his new film through Through A Lens Darkly, a documentary about African American photographers. First, that is the title of a Philip K. Dick novel and i love the appropriation (knowingly or unknowingly) of the name. Also i think it looks to be an amazing film in the tradition of now deceased filmmaker Marlon Riggs, and i can not wait to see the final cut.

Anyway, this is part one of the NAMAC review..the next two parts will be our totally awesome iCAN demo at NAMAC and also a list of totally awesome art projects and resources i came away with.

also please pardon the text errors iḿ writing this on a netbook and will correct it and add pix when iḿ on a bigger computer

NAMAC state house reception

NAMAC state house reception

-sam smiley

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