Transatlantic Messages

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AstroDime is busily working on its commemoration of the transatlantic cable of 1858. Having re-enacted it on Bumpkin Island with tin can telephones and human performance artist repeaters, we are also looking at the artifacts from the actual event. Here’s a map of the actual transatlantic route from Ireland to Newfoundland.

transatlantic cable route between Ireland and Newfoundland

transatlantic cable route between Ireland and Newfoundland

Amid much fanfare, President Buchanan and Queen Victoria exchanged congratuations. Here is the text of the message from Queen Victoria and President Buchanan. Queen Victoria’s message took around 17 hours to transmit.

THE QUEEN’S MESSAGE.“The Queen desires to congratulate the President upon the successful completion of this great international work,in which the Queen has taken the greatest interest. The Queen is convinced the President will join with her in fervently hoping that the electric cable which now connects Great Britain with the United States will prove an additional link between the two nations, whose friendship is founded upon their common interest and reciprocal esteem. The Queen has much pleasure in thus directly communicating with the President, and in renewing to him her best wishes for the prosperity of the United States.”

“Washington City. To Her Majesty, Victoria, Queen of Great Britain:—The President cordially reciprocates the congratulations of Her Majesty, the Queen, on the success of this great international enterprise, accomplished by the science, skill, and indomitable energy of the two countries. It is a triumph more glorious, because far more useful to mankind, than ever was won by conqueror on the field of battle. May the Atlantic Telegraph, under the blessings of Heaven, prove to be a bond of perpetual peace and friendship between the kindred nations, and an instrument designed by Divine Providence to diffuse religion, civilization, liberty, and law throughout the world. In this view will not all the nations of Christendom spontaneously unite in the declaration, that it shall be forever neutral, and that its communications shall be held sacred in passing to the place of their destination, even in the midst of hostilities?

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