4S EASST conference day 5

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today the bulk of what I did was attend a great workshop and discussion about what STS does in countries (in this panel designated) to the South. I didn’t know what that meant, but suffice it to say, STS was really starting to look at issues of language, colonialism, and power in STS.

In order to really participate, I had to miss most of a panel called Queer Performances, Gay Desires: Acting with Internet Sexualities I saw Michele White’s paper on Male Panics and the Queering of Penis Enlargment and Erectile Disfunction Emails which was awesome and interesting, but given my interest in Latin American STS, post colonial applications of STS, I jumped on board the second session roundtable again for STS moves to the South.  


I saw two folks from the Latin American panel in one of the work groups, and so I joined that group-they were working on a “map” of STS future directions with regard to the “south”. When I got there, people had a large piece of white paper, a blue marker with one blue line drawn down the center. Christina invited me in and I brought out my markers, stressing that I am a media artist and thus can’t draw, or at least represent (true).I think people were waiting for me to draw their ideas, but it was sort of out of my scope.  We decided to make the map 3 D and then Arthur(?) who i had met from the earlier panel suggested we crumple the paper up.

That made a topo map which was a great idea, and I drew the peaks of the mountains. then i asked people to name words so I could draw them on the mountains. we came as a group to the idea that language is a major factor in moving “to the south”. one gentleman from Japan also asked about east and west, and so we put Japan in one of the mountains on his request. people added their own words so i was free from representing.

Arthur thought we should include the pens and paper bits as part of the “materials”. when we got there, the organizer was taping the charts up. she was about to flatten and tape our map, but then it wouldn’t have been 3-d. so i put it on a stool (sigh. pedestal). and it sat there through 2 discussions until someone knocked it down. I tried to put it back on the stool, but the stool was needed for the next person’ prop. Arthur had suggested we put it in the tree, which in retrospect was a great idea because it wouldn’t disrupt everybody else’s performance space. we did that later and it looked much better..a decent representation of our discussion. I’ll try to get pix!, words do not describe the situation.

I left before the last session, stopped at the wonderful market and got salmon and strawberries, and I proceeded to the Kunsthall. The show was OK I liked the Chinese posters, although..was intriguing. I returned the bike, got my suitcase, and headed to Eindhovan to visit my supercool friend Carmen.


going to Eindhovan

going to Eindhovan



my adventures! well worth it all.

-sam smiley

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