Q&A with David Lachman (‘Secret Decoder Ring’)

April 29, 2008 at 2:40 pm Leave a comment

Continuing our series of blog entries for ‘Secret Decoder Ring’ we hear from artist David Lachman regarding his entry SNEW…
What was the inspiration for your piece?
This piece is a collaboration. We each had different things we brought to its creation. I know that we were both interested in how language works and wanted to see it in physical expression.
Why call it SNEW?
Humor is important to both of us. So the piece starts off with that old line: “whatsnew?” “I don’t know whatsnew with you?” The piece takes off from there and the possibilities of communication and miscommunication.
How do you feel this piece fits into “code” ?
We think it fits “code” because language and movement are codes, sometimes easily translated, other times not. Often it depends on what we are willing to know, willing to see.
Describe the concept, design, look of the piece?
We took a lot of footage with the performers and used props around the issues we were interested in. They are all in a dance troupe that Jodi runs so the dance they were working with touched on these issues. We ended up using less dance footage and more stuff with the props, but I think all that stuff is in there. And that is “code” again. The way art is code and we each have to break the code ourselves to complete the piece, just like a message. There are always the issues of translation.
What would you like viewers to take away from watching SNEW?
I think some of our answers have gotten to that, but I think it is good to remind ourselves that the piece is really completed in the viewers eye/mind/heart, and that means it will be different things for different people, and have different meanings over time for the same person. I think it is important to understand that communication is a process of human engagement, and that there is so much more there than just the words, or just the code. We always already make it up as we go along.
Thanks David!

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